The archives Walter Baldessarini were founded in May 2021 and are managed by the Gallery Denny Staschitz. The main activity consists in controlling the complete artistic production of the Italian painter Walter Baldessarini. The “Catalogue Raisonné” of his complete oeuvre will be published in 2025.

If you are in possession of a painting or drawing of Walter Baldessarini and you would like to archive and register it, please contact the archives at info@archiviobaldessarini.com or call for a personal appointment. The archives’ Index of editions furthermore registers every single edition that has been realised as a limited print of selected paintings.

The archives only consider editions that have been printed by the Gallery Denny Staschitz from August 2018 onwards. Every valid edition shows typical characteristics such as the autograph signature on the back side of the print, the hologram label with the serial number, the numeration, the printing date of the edition and the certificate.