A Limited Edition is a reproduction (coloured print) of an original painting digitalised in highest definition and printed with pigment ink on a cotton based photo paper.

The editions are limited to 25 prints and realised by the gallery Denny Staschitz from August 2018 onwards. The archives do not consider any other print or reproduction as valid. Drawings are not edited. Every single edition shows the following characteristics:

  • Numbered on the backside and on the front (1/25, 2/25, 3/25, …).
  • Each Edition has its own certificate with all the key data and a hologram number.
  • The hologram number is printed on two seals, one fixed on the certificate, the other on the backside of the print.
  • Each edition is registered here in the Index of editions. You can search with your hologram number for your edition.

Continuously numbered on the front

Seal with the hologram number and continuously numbered on the backside

Certificate of the edition with the hologram number


Insert your hologram number here and click the button "Search" in order to display the corresponding edition.

Index of editions