Walter Baldessarini

Baldessarini was born in 1936 in Meran, Italy. He descends from a family of antiquarians, an environment which shapes and influences his artistic development from the very beginning. Baldessarini studied Painting and Drawing at the Blocherer Schule in Munich. Baldessarini also was awarded a scholarship for studying in Rome, where he studied stage and costume design at the “Centro sperimentale di Cinematografia”. Simultaneously, he participated in drawing classes at the “Accademia delle belle Arti” under the direction of Mario Mafai, one of the founders of the modern art movement Scuola Romana, the Roman School. Baldessarini’s first success was the Ciak d’oro, an art prize recognising his participation in a group exhibition at the Venice Film Festival in 1975. During the following years Baldessarini took part in various international exhibitions including Trapani, Rome, Frankfurt and London.
The artist lives and works in Merano.

Baldessarini‘s artistic oeuvre is characterised by a gestural and dynamic style and vibrant colours. Varying between figurative narration and abstraction, the artist transfers moods, sensory perceptions and lively atmospheres in his works. Thematically, the oeuvre touches on and contains four larger topics: the landscape paintings, which the painter realised on his numerous travels, mainly in the Mediterranean region, from Portugal to Turkey. The Mozart cycle, that emerges from the artist’s enthusiasm for music. The compositions, in which the artist deals mainly with classical ancient stories; and finally, the vibrant still lifes.



Solo exhibitions – selection

Sensual Landscapes, Gallery Denny Staschitz - Merano, Italy.

Opus Vitae, Gallery Denny Staschitz - Merano, Italy.

Il movimento del colore, Ansitz Rosengarten - Lana, Italy.

Il movimento del colore, Salle Pavillon, Hôtel de Ville - Aix en Provence, France.

Omaggio a Mozart, Spazio Rizzi - Laces, Italy.

Presto con fuoco, Scoletta di San Rocco – Venice, Italy.

Omaggio a Mozart, Cantina d’Isera – Trento, Italy.
Les peintures de Walter Baldessarini, Galerie la Prévôté - Aix en Provence, France.

Hommage a Mozart, in the course of the Merano Music Weeks, Kurhaus - Merano, Italy.

Dentro la visione, curated by Giovanni Faccenda, Galleria civica di arte moderna e contemporanea - Arezzo, Italy.

Dentro la visione, curated by Giovanni Faccenda, State Archives, Palazzo Gamberini – Florence, Italy.

Walter Baldessarini, Hotel Palace - Merano, Italy.

Walter Baldessarini, Gemälde und Graphiken, Cassa Raffeisen - Lagundo, Italy.

Walter Baldessarini, Stiegen Gallery - Merano, Italy.

• Walter Baldessarini, Meraner Kunstgalerie - Merano, Italy.
• Impressionen von Walter Baldessarini, Katzenmeyer – Antikes & Dekoratives - Feldkirch, Austria.

W. Baldessarini, Volksbank Gallery - Merano, Italy.

Walter Baldessarini, Impressioni di viaggio, Volksbank Gallery - Merano, Italy.

Walter Baldessarini, Volksbank Gallery - Merano, Italy.

Walter Baldessarini, Gallery Savigny - Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Walter Baldessarini, Galleria Barsanti - Rome, Italy.

Walter Baldessarini, Galleria d’arte moderna della Provincia - Trapani, Italy.


Collective exhibitions - selection

XIV Salon Peintres et Sculpteurs de Saint Tropez, Salle Jean Despas – Saint Tropez, France.

Art Innsbruck 2009, International Art Fair- Innsbruck, Austria.

Giovani pittori e scultori italiani, curated by Osvaldo Patani, Rotonda della Besana - Milan, Italy.

• Bertrand Russell Centenary International Art Exhibition and Sale, Bertrand Russell Foundation - London, Great Britain.
• Collective exhibition curated by the Academy “i 500”, Mercati di Traiano - Rome, Italy.

Grand Prix international – Paternoster 71 - London, Great Britain.

Collective exhibition „ Scenografia e Costumi“ in the course of  the 18th Venice International Film Festival, curated by the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Venice, Italy.